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Case Study

Arthur Martinez decision to register a copyright for his brand's logo design from ICPBB gave an unlimited life to his brand and online business.

Arthur Martinez- Owner De' Flora

Arthur was only 19 years old when he started a florist shop with his mother, in the backyard of his house. In a matter of six months, the business became popular among their neighbors due to Arthur's dedication and his mother's artistic ability to create beautiful floral arrangements. Therefore they decided to develop their shop and give it a name - De' Flora. Later, Arthur and his best friend, Simon, mutually came up with a creative logo design to give a unique identity to this newly developed business.

Soon, Arthur learnt that a new competitor had emerged two streets down the road, adjacent to the Church, with the same logo design as De' Flora's. He was in for a rude shock as both the brand and its logo design, which was Arthur's brainchild, were at stake. Worse, his competitor was making more money by copying De' Flora's logo as his stall was situated at a prime location. Simon then conducted an online research and recommended ICPBB, an online copyrights protection bureau for brands, to Arthur, as the only solution to this problem was to register a brand copyright.

When Arthur first visited ICPBB's website, he had the following concerns in his mind:

1- How to save my brand from counterfeiting?
2- What will be the cost of the entire copyright registration process?
3- Will this be really effective for my brand?

After spending 5 minutes on ICPBB's website, Arthur had a satisfactory smile on his face as he'd found the following answers to his questions:

How to save my brand from counterfeiting?

Arthur found out that just a small C adjacent to his brand's logo design wouldn't really protect his brand from being counterfeited. Therefore, it was important for him to register a copyright to secure De' Flora's identity. He was convinced that ICPBB offered a viable solution in this regard as this international bureau provides security of intellectual property rights for logo designs all around the world.

What will be the cost of the entire copyright registration process?

Being a small business owner, Arthur was on a shoestring budget. The cost of the entire copyright registration process at ICPBB was only a onetime payment of $3000. This fee included all government filing fee, brand copyright registration and processing fee and ICPBB's professional fee. Also, there were no hidden or unanticipated costs during or after the registration process.

Will this be really effective for my brand?

The sealed certificate Arthur obtained from ICPBB provided copyright registration and security for De' Flora's logo design . Soon after receiving it, Arthur filed a lawsuit against his competitor who had imitated his logo design. In a couple of days, the court announced its verdict in Arthur's favor. He won the case without any complication and got his brand identity back.

As Antonio Gaudi, a Spanish architect, once said, "Originality consists in returning to the origin." Arthur is now planning to start his online floral business. ICPBB has helped him gain this confidence that he can easily outshine his competitors by the genuine services De' Flora offers.

This is what Arthur has to say about his experience with ICPBB:

"Registering a copyright for my brand's logo was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. ICPBB not only changed my outlook towards the whole brand protection scenario but also provided me a sealed certificate which has granted an infinite life to my brand's logo. I personally found their service really quick, cost-effective and reliable. For all those who want to get their brand identities protected or expand their businesses internationally, ICPBB offers the ultimate solution. Good luck!"

DISCLAIMER: The example posted in this case study is general in nature and is depicted herein solely for the purpose of increasing clarity about ICPBB and its Copyright Registration process. Individuals and organizations depicted herein can be fictitious and have no association with any real individuals and organizations.


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